Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Power Cable Technology

Power Cable Technology
By:"Sushil Kumar Ganguli","Vivek Kohli"
Published on 2016-04-27 by CRC Press

Power Cable Technology provides a precise understanding of the design, manufacture, installation, and testing of a range of electric power cables—from low-voltage, 1,000/1,100V cables to extra-high-voltage, 400kV cables—with reference to future trends in the industry. The authors’ mantra is: know your cable. Thus, the book begins with a comprehensive overview of power cable design and manufacturing through the ages, and then: Describes the characteristics of the materials currently used in the production of various power cables Explains how to calculate the die orifice for drawing wires, how tolerance in manufacturing affects material weight and consumption, and how and why lubricants are used Addresses the formation, stranding, and insulation of the electrical conductors, as well as the sheathing, armouring, and protective covering of the power cables Delivers an in-depth discussion of quality systems, quality control, and performance testing Covers the many nuances of cable installation, including laying, jointing, and terminating Throughout, the authors emphasise consonance between design theory and practical application to ensure production of a quality power cable at a reasonable cost. They also underscore the importance of careful handling, making Power Cable Technology a must read for power cable engineers and technicians alike.

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