Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Six Degree of Freedom Active Vibration Isolator Using Voice Coil Motor

Six Degree of Freedom Active Vibration Isolator Using Voice Coil Motor
By:"Rahul Banik"
Published on 2010-07 by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Precision measuring instruments with nanometer resolution are almost always susceptible to disturbance transmitted mainly from ground vibration as well as other sources such as acoustic noise and direct mechanical vibrations. Even though the instrument itself is designed to handle such disturbances, researchers in this field are still in need of a smart way to properly eliminate this problem so that they can make their measurement results more trustworthy. In this book the proposed solution is to use a hybrid active-passive vibration isolation system between the instrument and ground to eliminate vibration transmitted from ground as well as direct disturbances transmitted from the moving parts of the instrument to the support plate of the payload in all six degrees of freedom. The reason behind this hybrid solution is to take advantage of both the passive as well as active stage. This research thus proposes to realize a six axis hybrid active passive system which can work as a bench top micro vibration isolator for precision measuring instruments such as Scanning Probe Microscopes as well as for some linear motor stages of small dimension.

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