Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Power system voltage stability

Power system voltage stability
By:"Carson W. Taylor"
Published on 1994 by McGraw-Hill

Provides solutions to everyday voltage stability problems increasingly faced by engineers in electric power plants. Table of Contents: General Aspects of Electric Power Systems; What is Voltage Stability; Transmission System Reactive Power Compensation and Control; Power System Loads; Generation Characteristics; Simulation of Equivalent Systems; Voltage Stability of a Large System; Voltage Stability with HVDC Links; Power System Planning and Operating Guidelines. Appendices: A. Notes on the Per Unit System; B. Voltage Stability and the Power Flow Problem; C. Power Flow Simulation Methodology; D. Dynamic Analysis Methods; E. Equivalent System 2 Data; F. Voltage Instability Incidents. Index. Illustrations.

This Book was ranked 26 by Google Books for keyword Voltage.


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